Schlauti's Mediengruppe

About Us
The success story of Schlauti’s Media Group began on July 17, 2021. It was founded by Lauras Universe and Manuel Pinnecke, both passionate music, gaming and programming enthusiasts. This community combines their interests to realize projects together, such as a web radio, a music magazine and planned projects such as a social network. Of course, implementing all of these ideas involves costs, which is why it is an advantage not to act alone. Through joint financing, expenses such as license fees for GEMA and GVL, server costs and other expenses can be shared.Join our Team

Unsere Projekte

Clubradio Germany

Clubradio Geramany ist ein Webradio welches zur Schlaut's Mediengruppe gehört. Wir sind der Sender welcher rund um die Uhr Elektronische Musik spielt.

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